P-80 Lubricants can be used for assembly applications in major automotive OEMs

P-80 lubricants are more effective than soap and water and a safer alternative to alcohol and harmful solvent based lubricants. P-80 lubricants provide a high degree of lubricity when wet, but because they do not contain silicon or other persistent ingredients, once dry the slipping action goes away. P-80 is free of petroleum distillates, so they will not dry, crack or otherwise harm rubber parts. P-80 lubricants are compatible with most metals, plastics and natural and synthetic elastomers.

There are a number of rubber and plastic parts that can benefit from using P-80 in the assembly process. Below are a list of rubber assembly applications in major automotive OEMs;

  • Heater hose
  • Windshield wiper hose
  • Upper and lower rad hose
  • Brake line
  • Window surround
  • Trunk seals
  • Grommets – automated and manual
  • Drive shaft boots
  • HVAC hoses
  • Wire harness pull throughs
  • Isolator brackets
  • Door harness
  • Automated o-ring and sleeve application

P-80 lubricants are available in four (4) industrial formulas; P-80 Emulsion, P-80 THIX, P-80 Grip-it and P-80 RediLube.  Contact us for recommendations on the best formula for your assembly application.  Free samples are available upon request by sending an email to mkt@ipcol.com or calling 609-386-8770..

View the entire line of P-80 lubricants at http://www.ipcol.com.

P-80® Lubricants provide a safe and easy way to improve assembly operations in the automotive industry.

Rubber’s non-slip quality can make an assembly process very difficult. Without an assembly aid, tight-fitting rubber components can cause production to slow down, and quality and safety standards to slip. The P-80® line is specially formulated to provide temporary lubrication that makes rubber easy to install, remove, or otherwise manipulate. P-80®’s temporary nature is a result of its chemical composition.

P-80® lubricants provide a high degree of lubricity when wet, but because they do not contain silicon or other persistent ingredients, once dry the slipping action goes away. P-80® lubricants are also free of petroleum distillates, so they will not dry, crack or otherwise harm rubber parts. P-80® lubricants are compatible with most metals, plastics and natural and synthetic elastomers.

Unlike many other lubricants, P-80® products are water-based, non-toxic, non-flammable, and easy to dispose of. P-80® is NFPA-rated at 0-0-0. Most of the products are biodegradable. Spills can be cleaned up with a cloth or sponge. Soap and water will easily remove P-80® from hands or clothing. All P-80 products undergo full health and safety testing by independent laboratories and test data is available upon request.

The automotive industry relies heavily on natural and synthetic rubber for various purposes including chassis, engine and suspension components. P-80®’s applications include mounts, seals, belts, bushings, o-rings, grommets, insulators, tires, wire harnesses, hoses, and other powertrain components and subsystem assemblies. Due to the slip resistant nature of rubber, it is relatively difficult to install, remove or manipulate. Complex and tight fitting rubber parts take up considerable time on the assembly line. Improper alignment or installation of these parts may also lead to reduction in the life-cycle of the component and result in inherent safety issues.

Traditionally, lubricants are used to provide ease of assembly in automotive manufacturing; however, the residual lubrication may result in health and safety hazards, reduced functionality or reduced aesthetic appeal. Some lubricants may also react to chemical environments, which the vehicle may undergo during day-to-day use. At times, the lubricants used may not be safe for use and may harm the environment or the operator in the long run. Improper lubrication for assembly components may also lead to injuries during assembly, creating another hindrance for worker safety.

During the design phase for rubber components in automotive assembly, testing is conducted to ensure proper fit and finish, along with analysis of the forces required to achieve a clean fit. An improper installation may lead to component damage, increased waste, damage to the production line and the requirement of excessive assembly force. Cutting rubber is also a challenge, as it is quite soft and tends to squirm; achieving perfect cuts is difficult without a lubricant or cutting medium.

The economic advantages of the P-80® line include; reduced part breakage or failure, prolonged part life, reduced worker injuries and reduced environmental impact. In addition, due to P-80®’s safety, no special air permits or handling are required. IPC also conducts extensive material compatibility tests and provides this information to customers free of charge. Finally, P-80 lubricants are made in the USA – the full P-80® product line is formulated, manufactured, and distributed by International Products Corporation (IPC) in Burlington, New Jersey. All products are available in a wide range of competitively priced sizes.

Health and safety issues, and environmental concerns are ever increasing in the automotive industry. Rubber, plastic, and articles thereof intrinsically manifest significant friction during their manipulation and assembly. The assembly of a hose onto a manifold requires strenuous exertion, particularly when the mated components are designed with tight tolerances for a permanent union.

Historically, the assembly friction is mitigated by using chemicals conveniently found throughout the manufacturing facility; these include transmission oil, motor oil, coolants, gasoline, and metalworking fluids. In the domestic automotive industry alone, IPC estimates the misapplication of these chemicals generates over ten thousand gallons of hazardous waste annually from spills, drips, and overuse. Other detrimental consequences include material incompatibility, fugitive emissions, unnecessary hazard exposure, part failure, and housekeeping hazards. This problem spans into many other industries, including aerospace, appliance, recreational equipment, marine, pump, and after-market maintenance and repair.

P-80® temporary assembly lubricants from IPC bring the best solutions to these problems. P-80 lubricants are available in six different formulas from which customers can choose different viscosities, lubricant bases, drying properties, and how the lubricant behaves after it dries. The appropriate lubricant can be chosen to suit compatibility with different surfaces and materials, and for friction reducing characteristics. P-80® temporary lubricants are the proven, safe choice for automotive assembly operations.

View the entire line of P-80 lubricants at http://www.ipcol.com. Contact me for product information or a free P-80® sample kit at mkt@ipcol.com or call 609-386-8770.


P-80 Lubricants – Two Year Shelf Life!

We are pleased to inform you that all sizes of P-80 lubricants, except P-80 RediLube, now have a two-year shelf life.  This change is based on in-house stability testing conducted by our VP of Research, Quality & Safety. 

The new shelf life applies to the following lubricants:

  1. P-80 Rubber Lubricant Emulsion
  2. P-80 THIX Rubber Lubricant Gel
  3. P-80 Grip-It Quick Drying Temporary Rubber Assembly Lubricant
  4. P-80 Emulsion IFC (for Incidental Food Contact Applications)
  5. P-80 THIX IFC (for Incidental Food Contact Applications)

P-80 RediLube will continue to have a one year shelf life because it is a relatively new product.  After long term stability tests are completed, P-80 RediLube’s shelf life may be increased to two years as well. Recommended storage and handling instruction are found on the Material Safety Data Sheets.  Please email us with your lot number if you need a Certificate of Analysis certifying a 24-month shelf life for your specific lot.

Click to download and print this memo!

P-80 lubricants are manufactured by International Products Corporation headquartered in Burlington New Jersey – USA. View the entire line of P-80 lubricants at http://www.ipcol.com. Contact me for product information or a free sample kit at mkt@ipcol.com or call 609-386-8770.


P-80 Grip-it Quick-Dry Assembly Aid

P80 Grip-itP-80 Grip-it is a truly unique multifunctional product designed specifically for the assembly of rubber articles. Not only does P-80 Grip-it have impressive lubrication, it provides adhesiveness for the mated parts. P-80 Grip-it delivers those benefits using a proprietary, water-based technology that further offers excellent rubber compatibility, ease of use, and no danger to employees.

Whenever a rubber article is manipulated, assembled, or installed, the use of a proper lubricant is crucial. Traditional oil lubricants can lead to swelling, softening, twisting, or slipping of rubber after assembly. Soap and substitute lubricants lead to rolled, torn, misaligned, or partially installed parts. P-80 Grip-it solves this problem by delivering a thin, lubricating film over the inherently water-repellent rubber surface. The film allows for easy and proper assembly – reducing friction on average by 40%. P-80 Grip-it’s properties continue to work after the parts are installed. As P-80 Grip-it dries, its film becomes tacky which helps the parts remain attached. This process can occur in as little as 15 minutes.

Since P-80 Grip-it is water-based, it cannot be over-applied. Moreover, P-80 Grip-it has no health, physical, or environmental hazards. An independent toxicological laboratory tested P-80 Grip-it and found it to be a non-hazardous product.

P-80 Grip-it is part of the P-80 product line that was awarded the 2012 Frost and Sullivan Product Leadership Award for automotive assembly lubricants. P-80 Grip-it serves other industries including appliance, marine, aerospace, pumps, and recreational and sports equipment.

P-80 lubricants are manufactured by International Products Corporation headquartered in Burlington New Jersey – USA. View the entire line of P-80 lubricants at http://www.ipcol.com. Free samples are available for testing.

NJMEP’s Made In New Jersey Participant, International Products Corporation (IPC), Hosts Lt. Governor Guadagno

DSC00241International Products Corporation (IPC) in Burlington, a participant in NJMEP’s Made in New Jersey program, hosted a visit from Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. The visit kicked off her 2014 statewide tour highlighting New Jersey businesses that have a strong international client base. IPC received $1,800 in STEP grant awards to support its participation in the International Trade Administration’s US DOC Gold Key Services program, which assists US manufacturers develop a global trading program or to expand into new markets.
IPC is an award winning manufacturer of high quality specialty cleaners and lubricants. Its products are manufactured in a safe, zero discharge facility and are marketing proudly as MADE IN THE USA. The company reaches its international markets through a combination of distributors, direct sales, and internet marketing techniques as well as through IPCW Inc. its wholly owned subsidiary that serves as a sales and distribution office for its products in the UK and European Continent.

The State awarded the STEP Grant funds to IPC to cover the cost of the Gold Key programs that its President Kathy Wyrofsky attended in Beijing and in Seoul. Both programs resulted in new distributor agreements and sales (two new Chinese Distributors, and one new distributor in S. Korea). “In addition,” Ms. Wyrofsky explained, “We received some additional funding to cover the costs of a Corporate report on a company in Germany that we considered hiring to promote our products. We did not however, come to terms with this company, but found the report to be most detailed and helpful.”

“The Lt. Governor’s visit gave us the opportunity to discuss challenges to exporting for New Jersey companies. These include travel costs, meeting foreign government regulations and requirements (such as the *REACH initiative in the EU), legal costs, competition, and language and cultural differences,” Ms. Wyrofsky added. “We are extremely grateful for the support and expert guidance we have received from the state and it was indeed an honor to have Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno visit our company,” said Wyrofsky.

International Products Corporation has received two awards over the past two years for its line of P-80® Rubber Lubricants. In 2012, they were the recipient of the 2012 Frost & Sullivan North American Product Leadership Aware for automotive assembly lubricants. P-80 received recognition again in 2013 from the Suppliers’ Partnership for the Environment for Demonstrating Environmental Innovation in the Manufacturing Process.

For manufacturers interested in exporting, NJMEP offers ExporTech™, a collaboration between the MEPs, U.S. Export Assistance Centers, and other partners including District Export Councils, State Trade Economic and Development, Ex-Im Bank and SBA. The program is intended for C level executives, who are both new-to-export companies and those that have done some exporting, but have not fully exploited global opportunities. To learn more about ExporTech visit NJMEP.org.

*REACH is the Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals. It is the legislative framework on chemicals of the European Union (EU). All manufacturers and importers of chemicals must identify and manage risks linked to the substances they manufacture and market.

P-80® Grip-it eases the installation of foam grips

P-80® Grip-it Quick-Drying Hose Lubricant is a unique assembly aid formulated to provide temporary lubrication making rubber easy to install, remove, or manipulate. P-80 Grip-it provides enough lubricity for assembly when wet, but because it does not contain silicone or other persistent ingredients, the slipping action goes away and dries tacky to help the part stay in place ─ making it a perfect lubricant for foam grip installation.

Custom foam grip manufacturer EEZER®, recommends P-80 Grip-it for foam grip assembly and has created a video of the assembly.

P-80 Grip-it dries quickly to allow the natural tight fit of rubber or foam to return. Although P-80 Grip-it does not contain an adhesive, when it dry it provides resistance that helps keep parts in place.

P-80 lubricants are available in industrial and incidental food contact (IFC) formulas for a wide range of assembly applications and manufacturing involving rubber and soft plastic parts.

All of IPC’s products are Made in the U.S.A. and are readily available worldwide through their network of global distributors. For more information or free samples, visit www.ipcol.com or call 609-386-8770.

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