Automotive Assembly Applications

P-80 temporary rubber lubricants have been proven effective for a wide range of assembly operations involving boots, bumpers, bushings, diaphragms, grommets, hoses, insulators, mounts, O-rings, plugs, rubber moldings, seals, sleeves, tires, rubber washers, wire harnesses, and hundreds of other rubber and soft plastic parts.

What are your most successful automotive applications of P-80?  What assembly challenges are you facing?


  • Hi I work for a company that makes the washer systems for a variety of car manufactures we use p80 on grommets when we’re assembleing the wash tanks for testing but I find it leaves the test stations in a bit of a mess afterwards is there another alternative that’s may be a bit thicker so it doesn’t drip onto the machine because it’s hard to clean off

    • Hello Mike, great question! We manufacture four industrial versions of P-80 lubricants; P-80 Emulsion, P-80 THIX, P-80 Grip-it and P-80 RediLube. Each P-80 formula is designed for a specific assembly application and vary in viscosity, dry-time and appearance. It is not uncommon for one facility to use three to four P-80 formulas on different lines. If you are looking for a non-drip formula, P-80 THIX is the formula you should test. I would be happy to send you samples. Please email your mailing address to and I’ll be sure to get it out right away. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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