P-80® Grip-it

P80 Grip-itP-80® Grip-it Quick-drying Temporary Assembly Lubricant is a multi-functional product formulated to both lubricate and provide some adhesiveness for the mated parts.  P-80 Grip-it wets out easily and completely on the part to allow for easy installation.  In as little as 15 minutes, P-80 Grip-it dries leaving a thin tacky film, which helps the parts remain attached.  P-80 Grip-it works well on porous and non-porous rubber and most plastics.  Because it is quick-drying and dries slightly tacky, P-80 Grip-it is used on parts that are subsequently pressure tested.  Uses include easting the assembly of hoses, bushings, seals, o-rings, grommets, grips and other rubber and soft plastic parts.  Application techniques include dip, brush, sponge, or spray.

Contact us for pricing, more information or a free sample for testing in your assembly application.

Telephone: 609-386-8770  Fax: 609-386-8438  Web: www.ipcol.com Email: mkt@ipcol.com

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