Storage and Handling of P-80®

  1. P-80® lubricants should be stored at temperatures between 2˚ – 30˚C (36˚ – 86˚F). Do not allow lubricants to freeze. Do not store outdoors in direct sunlight during warm weather. When stored as directed, in the original sealed container, the shelf life of P-80® lubricants is two years from the date of manufacture.
  2. For proper inventory control, use oldest material first. Each container has a lot number that gives the date (yymmdd) that the material was produced. For instance, lot number 170105 was produced in 2017 (17), during January (01), on the fifth day (05). If your plant personnel know this dating system, they can avoid using new material while older stock is available.
  3. Before dispensing P-80® Emulsion and P-80® Emulsion IFC from drums, stir with a mixing recirculation pump or folding propeller mixer for 5 to 10 minutes to ensure a homogenous mixture is drawn off. If a hold tank is used, agitate the lubricant before it is fed to assembly equipment. Smaller containers should be shaken or stirred prior to use. Never use air agitation on any P-80® product. Bubbling compressed air through P-80® lubricants may introduce bacteria that can overpower the products’ preservatives and cause them to separate or spoil.
  4. Store P-80® lubricants in a sealed container when not in use. Do not pour dispensed product back into the original container.
  5. P-80® Emulsion IFC and P-80® THIX IFC meet the requirements of 21 CFR 178.3570, which controls lubricants for incidental food contact. Use the minimum amount of lubricant needed to lubricate the part. Apply it in a way that minimizes food contact.
  6. All equipment and storage tanks, including transfer lines, containers, reservoirs, mixers, and pumps in contact with P-80® lubricants should be cleaned every 4 to 8 weeks using a mild detergent such as International Products’ Micro® Green Clean Biodegradable Cleaner, LF2100® Liquid Low-Foam Cleaner or Micro-90® Concentrated Cleaning Solution. Rinse with potable water. Samples of each cleaner are available from International Products Corporation. Follow cleaning with a sanitizer rinse. This procedure is particularly important in hot or dirty work areas.
  7. Excess P-80® can be easily washed away with soap and water.
  8. For safety details, please refer to the appropriate Safety Data Sheet.

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