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Have you Tried P-80 for Automotive Assembly?

P-80 temporary rubber lubricants have been proven effective for a wide range of automotive assembly operations.  P-80 lubricants are a great aid for the installation of boots, bumpers, bushings, diaphragms, grommets, hoses, insulators, mounts, O-rings, plugs, rubber moldings, seals, sleeves, tires, rubber washers, wire harnesses, and hundreds of other rubber and soft plastic parts.Automotive Assembly Applications

What are your most successful automotive applications for P-80?  What assembly challenges are you facing?

Visit us at the Southern Automotive Conference in Tennesee!

P-80 Trade Show

International Products will have a booth featuring P-80 Rubber Assembly Lubricants at the upcoming Southern Automotive Conference (SAC) in Chattanooga Tennessee at the Chattanooga Convention Center. Convention dates are October 11th and 12th, 2012.

P-80 temporary rubber assembly lubricants are used to reduce friction and increase safety on the installation of rubber and plastic parts – including; belts, bumpers, seals, gaskets. grommets, bushings, O-rings, tires and hoses.

Be sure to stop by and pick up free samples of P-80.  View real-life applications and try it for yourself!  For more product information, or to request a sample, visit us at www.ipcol.com

If you haven’t registered for the conference already – follow this link for details http://www.tennauto.org/2012sac

Hope to see you there!

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